The University of Bristol has been represented on the water by its Boat Club since the University's own inception in 1909, and its former oarsmen & women organised as Alumni since the 1980's.

Our mission:

To promote and support the education and development of students of the University of Bristol by encouraging and facilitating the sport of rowing. The UBBC Alumni aims to:

  1. Encourage former crewmates, coaches and supporters to maintain their connection with UBBC and each other.

  2. Promote the development of members of UBBC through the provision of advice, guidance and financial support.

  3. Support UBBC in achieving their long-term performance vision.

Activity takes the form of fundraising, mentoring and events; with over a quarter of a million pounds donated to UBBC to date. In recent years a new facet has emerged - Nonesuch BC. Bringing with it an increased alliance between UBBC and its Alumni on and off the water. Nonesuch BC takes its name from UBBC's first boat, which in turn was named after the "Flower of Bristol"; the Nonesuch flower. 

Whether you choose to label yourself as “UBBC Alumni” or “Nonesuch” does not matter, our purpose is very simple – to support the men & women of UBBC.

Membership is open to all former rowers, coxes, coaches, family, friends & supporters. 

Where UBBC needs Alumni support

The University of Bristol Boat Club Alumni has donated over a quarter of a million pounds to UBBC to date. Alongside student fundraising efforts, regular alumni contributions enable UBBC to purchase the equipment needed to perform within the highest levels of UK university rowing. 

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What happens to your contributions?

Direct Debit contributions are pooled

Contributions are collected each month and kept in an account held by the UBBC Alumni.


The UBBC Steering Committee meet

Representatives from the UBBC Alumni, UBBC and University of Bristol Sport meet 2-3 times a year to discuss the club's current spending needs and allocate UBBC Alumni funds appropriately to a fundraising campaign. This ensures UBBC Alumni funds aren't lost or spent inappropriately. 


UBBC Alumni funding is donated to UBBC

Once a campaign has reached its spending target, UBBC Alumni funds are donated to UBBC through the University of Bristol Alumni Office. Donating in this way allows Gift Aid to be claimed, which can contribute an additional 25p for every £1 donated at no extra cost. 


UBBC purchase new equipment to enable them to perform at the highest level


Chris Hartley

Founder and Chairman of the UBBC Alumni

Following graduation from the University of Bristol, Chris founded the University of Bristol Boat Club Alumni, to help ensure a continuity of support and contact for and from past UBBC oarsomes.

Chris captained the club in 1982 and 1983 winning a BUSA medal and leading a Ladies Challenge Plate entry to Henley Royal Regatta for the first time in almost thirty years. He was awarded the first Bristol "Red" for rowing - the equivalent of an Oxbridge Blue. In 2012 the University awarded him an Honorary Red for services to the Boat Club - the first double Red for Bristol, and in 2015 he was awarded an Honorary degree in recognition of his contribution to the university, both as a student athlete and as the founder of the UBBC Alumni. 

Chris now lives and works in Australia, and last raced at Henley Royal Regatta in 2005, in the bows of the first Tasmanian VIII to race at the Regatta, once more in the Ladies Plate.